Jersey Giants

Very Friendly, Calm, Quiet

Recognized Color Varieties

  • Black

  • White

  • Blue

Breed Traits

The Jersey Giant is the largest of all standardized breeds with hens weighing it at around 10 pounds and roosters reaching approximately 13 pounds. Due to their extremely large size, the birds don’t reach full size until approximately 8-9 months old. Despite their enormous size, the Jersey Giant is an exceptionally friendly bird. They also lay a disproportionately high number of eggs for their size.

Breed History

The Jersey Giant was developed in New Jersey by John and Thomas Black, and was originally dubbed the Black Giant after it’s creators. The extra large bird was designed to ultimately replace or compete with turkeys as a table bird. It’s lineage includes the Black Java, the Black Langshan, and the Dark Brahma.

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production

Excellent: Approx 260

Egg Size


Egg Color


Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




American Poultry Association


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