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We don’t want to ruffle your feathers – that’s why we provide a Healthy Hen Guarantee, so you can feel like you’ve brought home the best chickens for eggs! Below, you’ll learn more about what this guarantee includes.

Sexed Female Chicken

Although some locations are ideal for roosters, most community ordinances prevent this. We don’t want you to run “afowl” of regulations! When you purchase sexed female chickens from Dare 2 Dream Farms, we guarantee your chickens will be female.
Sexing chickens is 90-95% accurate, so a 5-10% chance of error exists for most chicken breeds. If you end up with a surprise rooster, we’ll authorize a return for a refund or an exchange. To initiate the process, please submit our Bird Identification Form.
Most cockerels (young males) mature around 3-4 months old. They show noticeable changes in their comb, wattles, stature, and behavior. Birds submitted before this age may not be identifiable. In this case, we may need more time to complete the process.

Healthy Hens

All chickens sold by Dare 2 Dream Farms are sourced from NPIP Certified Hatcheries and are:

Dare 2 Dream Farms maintains comprehensive biosecurity protocols to keep live birds healthy and advance our efforts to be your go-to source for the best chickens for eggs. However, livestock are subject to a wide array of disease and illnesses which can be transmitted by vectors that cannot be eliminated in agricultural, rural, or even urban environments.
Please, quarantine live birds for health inspection prior to integrating them into an existing coop and flock. Any birds purchased from Dare 2 Dream Farms that exhibit symptoms of illness, disease, physical injury, or disability within 14 days of the date of receipt can be reported to Dare 2 Dream Farms, along with the original purchase information, for a warranty replacement. 

Refunds and Returns Policy

​We strive to earn a reputation as a trusted source for the best chickens for eggs. Transparency is a priority! For more details on returns, exchanges, and refunds, please read our full refunds and returns policy.

Bird Identification Submission Form

If you believe you have received a rooster from Dare 2 Dream Farms, please complete the form below. Information provided will help us to identify the original purchase, breed and age of the bird. Upon review of the image and description provided we may initiate a return, exchange or refund.

If the subject is too young to identify, we may require follow up at a later date.

To best help us identify the sex or breed of your chicken, please upload a close-up picture from the side including the head, tail, and feet of the bird.

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