The Story Behind The Dream

Dare 2 Dream Farm Story

How Dare 2 Dream Farms Came to Be

Nestled along rich green hillsides just west of Lompoc, California, Dare 2 Dream Farms sprawls across 40 acres of rich land. The farm was originally purchased by Jeremy Raff’s grandfather, Mike Raff, in 1970. For much of his childhood, Jeremy was raised on the farm but moved away when he became a young adult.
Then, in 2008, the farm called Jeremy home. His grandfather was aging, and the farm was declining. This time, Jeremy brought with him Megan, whom he’d later marry.
Jeremy and Megan saw the potential not just in the land and life that could be nurtured, but in the huge benefit this could provide to local families. They took a leap of faith, left corporate jobs, gave the farm a new name, and made it their home for good.
Since then, Dare 2 Dream Farms has grown to serve Lompoc and surrounding communities with the highest quality of fresh produce, healthy chickens, and sustainable farming practices.
Dare 2 dream farm family
Dare 2 dream farm
Baby chicks
Farm land

Meet Jeremy and Megan

Jeremy Raff Dare 2 Dream Owner
Father Farming
Jeremy Raff was raised on the farm by his grandfather, who was “very much a man of the land,” Jeremy says. He raised Jeremy in the traditions and values of farming, cattle ranching, fishing and more. Jeremy later got a degree in Business Administration from Columbia College, and worked in an office, where he met Megan. When the opportunity arose to revive his family’s farm, he saw it as a dream, waiting to be realized. In addition to leading Dare 2 Dream Farms’ sustainable farming practices and custom building backyard chicken coops, Jeremy is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Lompoc Grange.

"If you could look at anywhere and do anything, go for it. Dare, dare to do that. Sometimes it's hard work, sometimes it's going to be a risk, but that hard work and risk is worth that dream. I don't think 'dare to dream' is my philosophy behind farming, I think it's my philosophy behind life."

Megan Raff was born in Los Angeles, and lived in Ridgeway, CO, for several years. Life in Colorado inspired her appreciation for small-town life and tight-knit communities. She later earned a degree in Communication and Media Studies from California Polytechnic State University. Now, she educates patrons and farm workers in sustainable farming, and she’s passionate about connecting people to organic, fresh food. Megan serves on the Board of Directors at Route 1 Farmer’s Market and the Lompoc Chamber of Commerce; she’s also the Board Chair of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network.

"Farming to me is the quintessential American entrepreneurial spirit. It is all about doing what you can with your hands, creating something of your own, and taking care of your community with it so that your community wants to take care of you."

Megan Raff Dare 2 Dream Farm Founder
Conner, Dare 2 Dream farm dog

Conner, King of the Good Dogs

Calling Conner “man’s best friend” doesn’t quite cut it. For over a decade, he was our family’s chief protector, our kids’ best snuggle-buddy, our land’s watchful eye, and every farm dog’s patient leader. Gentle, loyal, and always up for a road trip, Conner and his ever-wagging tail made each day a happy one. The King of the Good Dogs went over the rainbow bridge in 2024, but there’s not a space on this farm where we don’t continue to feel his spirit.

Grandma’s Willow Tree

Jeremy’s grandmother loved this land as much as we do. And, she also had a special appreciation for Willow trees. To honor her memory and nurture something she loved, we planted a Willow tree near the front entrance of the farm. We think Grandma would be pretty happy that something she loved is now the gathering place for photos, quiet contemplation, or a peaceful break in the cool shade.
Grandma's Willow Tree
Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming at its Best

We believe in removing barriers that stand between you and providing wholesome food to your family. That’s why we are committed to sustainable farming practices that cultivate fresh, chemical-free produce and that raise healthy, humanely treated chickens. Our values are rooted in four pillars:


You should be able to trust that the food you eat is fresh and harvested by people who care. That's why we deliberately keep our service area local, which maintains the quality and freshness of produce, and protects our cute chicks!


Our crops grow in hand-formed beds that are free from herbicides, GMOs, and pesticides. Plus, mycelium and our farm's chicken manure compost support the natural habitat of beneficial insects, fungi, and bacterias that release necessary nutrients to the soil.


To maintain sustainable farming practices, we utilize all natural resources. This keeps plants and animals healthy, and it prevents unnecessary waste. We keep our operations tempo at levels that are healthy for the plants and chickens, rotating crops seasonally to enrich the soil.


Our laying hens are free to engage in all of their natural behaviors, such as roaming, scratching, pecking, perching, and dust-bathing. We raise multiple breeds of happy hens, who lay several colors of eggs, rich in vitamins and low in saturated fats.

A Glimpse of Farm Life

At the head of a canyon covered in old-growth oak trees and eucalyptus groves, Dare 2 Dream Farms sits, waiting to welcome you! On any given day, you’ll find a variety of activities underway at the farm. Each day looks a little different, but we invite you to come on an imaginary walk with us and catch a glimpse of what sustainable farming in action looks like!

Cow eating

Early Morning

Rise and shine! The first thing to do is take care of the animals. The cows are waiting eagerly by the fence. Let’s give them new water and feed, so we can milk them in peace! Next, stop by our cute mini-goats’ pen to give them a breakfast of alfalfa and leftover farm produce. Then, let’s walk over to our egg-laying hens’ pasture, and visit the coops of our baby chicks and adolescent chickens. Whew! They sure flap a lot when they’re excited to eat! While they eat, their personal housekeepers (that’s us) muck out their spaces. Before we move on, let’s barrel up all used shavings to add to our compost pile.
Range free eggs
Fresh produce farm stand
multicolor eggs
fresh produce


Come with us to prepare our eggs and produce! First, let’s gather eggs from our free range hens, and store them in cold storage. Make sure they’re pointed side-down! Next, help us take an assortment of eggs over to the wash station for a refreshing bath (no harsh chemicals allowed!). Here’s the part we know you’ll love: packing cartons of a rainbow of eggs. Look at all those colors! Then, let’s head to the Farm Stand. If you see any produce that’s great for the goats but not for paying customers, go ahead and remove it. We’ll reset the stand with newly harvested produce and fresh eggs. If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll get our Farm Boxes ready for our CSA subscribers. Yum!
Farm Delivery


In case you thought we forgot, let’s check in on our helpful farm crew and support staff. Our friendly WWOOFers have been hard at work tending to livestock, cultivating our garden beds, harvesting unbelievably delicious fruits and vegetables, getting supplies ready for the Farmer’s Market, and ensuring the biosecurity of the farm. One thing these farmers-in-training learn first-hand is the huge responsibility of sustainable farming. They work hard, can you tell? And, so does our support staff. You’ll find them filling orders for backyard chickens, meeting customers, and helping us prepare deliveries. There’s never a dull moment around here!


We need a break for lunch, right? While we sit at one of our picnic tables, let’s make sure to take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy the peace. You’ll probably hear chickens clucking in the distance, or maybe one of our farm dogs will trot up for some company – that’s a whole lot better than hearing highway noise or shouldering your way through crowds, right? While we sit here, you might even see one of us preparing the AirStream or the farm house for a guest. Visitors reserve our unique farm stays through our booking site. Most of them are looking for a place to unplug – this is a good place for it!


You might think it’s time to wrap up, but we stay busy while it’s light out! Be sure you take a peek at the workshop, where Jeremy and his crew are finishing up a handcrafted chicken coop. Wow, that one is big! But don’t let that distract you from the planter boxes over there, too. They’re so charming, right? Now, before you go, stop by the patio. Tonight we’re hosting one of our unique farm-to-table experiences. This is a wonderful time to experience what it’s like to gather with others around a table laden with fresh, organic food. We’re so glad you visited us! Now, we invite you to savor the goodness, and toast to your health and happiness! Cheers!

Giving Back

A unique outcome of sustainable farming practices lies in local farmers’ connection to the community.  In addition to serving on several local Boards, we give back to our local community of Lompoc, California, by donating vegetables weekly to Veggie Rescue. This reduces waste, supports the environment, and delivers healthy food to needy families. Education and community service help us forge local connections, raise awareness of sustainable farms, and promote the importance of supporting local businesses.
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