Refunds and Returns Policy

We strive to meet your needs with every product or service. If you encounter a problem, please consult our policies and procedures for all exchanges, refunds and returns.

Order Cancellation

Processing fees incurred by the merchant from a purchase are not returned to the merchant when a full or partial refund is issued to the buyer. Order cancellations and refunds processed due to order changes are subject to a processing fee of 3% of the total refund amount.  Cancellation requests after orders are processed (wrangled, harvested, constructed) for delivery are subject to a variable restocking fee on a case-by-case basis as farm products are often live, perishable, or non-restockable. After orders are shipped or out for delivery, the shipping or delivery fees are not eligible for a refund. If order delivery is attempted unsuccessfully due to the customer not being available at the arranged time and place, the order will be canceled, and the shipping/delivery fees will not be returned. Custom and special orders are not eligible to be canceled for a refund. Dare 2 Dream Farms does not offer store credit in place of refunds. 

Event tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Healthy Hen Guarantee for Purchases of Live Poultry

For best practices, always quarantine new birds to avoid transmitting any unidentified condition or illness to an existing flock.

The deaths of poultry sold by Dare 2 Dream Farms reported within 3 days of order fulfillment will be replaced at no charge, or a refund may be requested for the original amount of the animal purchased, not including the delivery fee. See below for details on the fulfillment method for an exchange.

Please, quarantine live birds for health inspection prior to integrating them into an existing coop and flock. Any birds purchased from Dare 2 Dream Farms that exhibit symptoms of illness, disease, physical injury, or disability within 14 days of the date of receipt can be reported to Dare 2 Dream Farms, along with the original purchase information, for a warranty replacement.  In some cases, Dare 2 Dream Farms may authorize a partial refund for the single animal if the customer does not desire a return or exchange. Dare 2 Dream Farms does not offer to reserve or hold birds for exchange at a later date. See below for details on the fulfillment method for an exchange. Dare 2 Dream Farms does not cover the cost of veterinary bills or medications for any birds treated without prior authorization from a Dare 2 Dream Farms representative. 

In the event of incorrect sexing: A cockerel (male chicken) reported within 4 months of order fulfillment can be exchanged for a pullet (female chicken) as similar to the age and breed of the returned cockerel as possible. Dare 2 Dream Farms does not guarantee we will have the same age or breed available for an exact exchange of the returned cockerel. All breeds except bantams are sexed females unless purchasing roosters explicitly. Bantam chickens and other rare breeds that are not guaranteed to be hens will be noted as such in our listing. Roosters of these breeds purchased from our farm may be returned to our farm if they cannot be kept but we do not offer exchanges or refunds for them. Alternatively, they can be picked up but will be assessed a delivery fee (Click here for details). Dare 2 Dream Farms does not accept roosters that did not come from our farm.

Fulfillment Method for Exchanges

If the original purchase was delivered, the replacement will be also be delivered in the same manner. If the original purchase was made at Dare 2 Dream Farms or the online order was picked up at Dare 2 Dream Farms, the replacement must also be collected at the farm. Delivery of the replacement may be requested, but a delivery fee will be assessed. Proof of purchase must be verified for the exchange or return to be authorized. 

Fulfillment Method for Exchanges

Proof of purchase, and documentation of the death, illness, or cockerel must be provided before an exchange or refund will be processed. Acceptable documentation for the animals include photos or videos sent by email, photos submitted through the Guarantee Page, or visual inspection from Dare 2 Dream Farms staff by appointment only. If the poultry available for exchange are not suited to be integrated into the existing flock, or an exchange is not preferred when the animal is returned, a refund or store credit in the amount of the original purchase will be offered towards a future purchase.


Dare 2 Dream Farms’ refunds and returns policy does not accept returns of live animals except in the case of illness or injury within the Guarantee Period. Poultry and gardening supplies such as coops, planter boxes, feeders, waterers, or feed may be eligible for a return due to damage caused before order fulfillment. Food and produce that is damaged, spoiled, or inedible may be returned for a full refund.

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