Sustainability and Homesteading Education

Homesteading education

Learn at a True Homesteading Farm

Your interest in homesteading is a signal that, together, we’re growing toward a greener, more sustainable earth. The truth is, your role in supporting the environment is important. It’s amazing how much good you can do simply by nurturing the land and its resources! Dare 2 Dream Farms is a working homesteading farm, and you’re invited to book a consultation or sign up for a class to help you grow as a homesteader.

Homesteading Classes and Consultations

Life on a homesteading farm involves traditional and innovative activities and efforts. This includes raising backyard chickens, creating a sustainable outdoor space, harvesting natural resources, involving kids in the process, and more! Book an appointment now for a consultation or class that meets your needs.


farming homesteading consultation
farming homesteading online consultation

Take time to speak with an owner of our farm to discuss your personal projects or ideas, plans, details, and techniques for farming, homesteading, and gardening. We can help you foster ideas for turning a small plot of land into a sustainable space for your family, or discuss larger agricultural applications for beginning your homesteading farm. Consultations are completed at the farm or over the phone. If you’d like to have one of our teammates come to your property for a consultation, please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Your Consultation is $75 for 40 minutes.

Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chicken Virtual consultation
Backyard chicken virtual consultation Megan

If you’re interested in building a backyard chicken flock, then you probably have a lot of questions. How much space do I need? What should I find them? How can I keep them safe and healthy? We’ll discuss all this and more! Meet with Dare 2 Dream Farms Owner Megan Raff for a one-on-one virtual chicken consultation on the basics of raising backyard chickens. This is a great way to make sure you prepare and plan to welcome your backyard flock. After booking, your meeting link will be sent by email.

Your Consultation is $65 for 40 minutes.

Backyard Chickens (Kids)

Private Lesson Backyard chickens for kids
Virtual private lesson backyard chicken for kids
Get your kids involved in the fun of raising backyard chickens! You’ll love seeing how excited and empowered your kids feel by the end of this lesson. Great for ages 4-12, this lesson is conducted virtually. Groups are limited to 4 kids and 2 parents.
Classes are 30 minutes of fun for $45.
Topics Covered and Materials Needed: