Planter Boxes

Set yourself up for backyard gardening bliss! Our planter boxes are handcrafted by our team of local, skilled carpenters. They are made from sustainable materials and built to bring your garden lasting function and style!

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1. Where do you get your materials?

The lumber is sourced from Santa Cruz, California, from a sustainable redwood farm, and selected for quality.

2. Are there requirements for delivery and installation?

Yes, please refer to our full delivery details. When choosing assembly, please be sure to have the installation site flat and level in preparation, and the pathway to the installation site free and clear of obstructions.

3. How much soil should I get for my planter boxes?

That depends on the size. To determine the amount of soil you will need to fill each planter box, please refer to the charts presented in each planter box’s shopping page.

4. What if I want to move my planter boxes to a new location later?

We specially design your planter boxes to make this easy for you – without sacrificing quality! Straightforward construction with sturdy lumber and quality hardware makes these coops easy to disassemble and reassemble in a new location if necessary for moving, or simply rearranging the garden.

5. Will your planter boxes truly last?

Thick 2″- 4″ Framing will not deteriorate in the first few years like our competitors’ planter boxes or raised garden beds. This lumber will stand up to the test of time, and weather beautifully. You can choose to have it stained or weatherproofed for added protection.

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