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Baby Chicken Family Owned Farm, Lompoc, California
Family Owned Farm Lompoc California
Cow Dare 2 Dream Farm
Farm Lompoc, California
Your trusted source for organic produce, truly free range eggs, and sustainability education in Lompoc, California.

What We Do

Imagine setting your family’s table with food that was freshly harvested just days ago. Imagine listening to free range eggs sizzle in your pan, knowing they came from hens just a few miles away. If that sounds like an impossible dream, then let us introduce you to its reality: Dare 2 Dream Farms. Our family owned farm is rooted in sustainable farming practices, which can help you nourish your family in a way you know you can trust.

Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

Grow your backyard flock to enjoy your own fresh eggs!


Truly Free Range Eggs

Savor the flavor of colorful eggs, laid by free-range hens.

Custom Coops

Custom Coops

Give your backyard chickens a handcrafted, custom coop.

Organic Produce

Organic Produce

Lay your table with fresh, organic, locally-grown produce.

Sustainable Education

Sustainability Education

Learn about backyard chickens, homesteading, and more.

Farm Experiences

Immersive Experiences

Soak in the Dream! Book a farm stay or attend an event.

Shop our Favorites

When you’re searching for cute little chicks or a magnificent handcrafted chicken coop (or anything in between!) – we’ve got you covered with quality products to make your endeavor a success.
Family Own Farm Lompoc California

Our Farm

Think about the importance of a food-laden table. Around that table, you build bonds with your family. You meet new friends. You make business decisions and shake hands. When you gather around a table, the food in front of you can either nourish these meaningful moments, or diminish them.

We believe in nourishment. 

That’s why we grow fruits and vegetables the natural way. Nurtured in toxin-free beds, and harvested by hands that care, our produce is 100% pure and natural. 

Our Chickens

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Happy chickens are healthy chickens,” you heard the truth! When chickens are raised humanely, free to engage in instinctive behaviors, they’re physically healthier, genuinely happier, and better able to lay healthy eggs.

Since the beginning of our family owned farm, we’ve maintained a steadfast commitment to raising our chickens the humane way. Visit the farm, and you’ll see happy chickens roaming, pecking, perching, and flapping, just as they were born to do. Their diet, including seeds and insects found in the soil, keeps them healthy – making the eggs that you later enjoy full of 100% wholesome goodness.


Experience the Difference

When was the last time you picked up a carton of eggs or a bunch of lettuce at the grocery store, and felt disappointed? Maybe the big-brand label left you feeling disconnected. Maybe the pale colors signaled a lack of flavor. Bottom line was that you didn’t trust it. At our family-owned farm, we give that trust back to you. And, you can actually feel inspired to feed your family.





“The story of family farming underscores a legacy of sustainability.”

– Amanda Zaluckyj
Raff family Dare 2 Dream Farm
Dare 2 Dream farms family

Meet the Raff Family

Over 15 years ago, a leap of faith became a dream realized.
In 2009, we left corporate jobs and moved here to care for our aging grandfather and revive the land. Soon, we realized we couldn’t go back to corporate life. Our family was rooted here, and we believed that we could nourish those roots and develop a truly family owned farm that served our local community.

Farm to Table

Since then, our family-owned farm in Lompoc, California, has grown into a trusted source for backyard chickens, handcrafted coops, farm fresh eggs, locally grown produce, and special farm events. We strive to help all customers access the goodness of a true farm-to-table experience.
Jeremy Raff Dare 2 Dream Owner
Raff Family

Read About the Dream

Nothing’s off the table! Read our blog to learn everything you need to know about raising backyard chickens, harvesting nutrient-packed produce, experiencing life on the farm, and even whipping up recipes that’ll make your friends jealous (you know, in a nice sort of way).

Egg-cellent Reviews

We started Dare 2 Dream Farms so that people like you could trust the source of your food – and find inspiration for more. Hearing reviews like these brighten our day!
Mike Y.
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I couldn't be more pleased.  Our chicken coop was delivered and set up by Jeremy and Chris.  It surpassed my expectation and was, indeed, worth the price.  Solid wood construction.  Heavy duty hardware and painted in a very appealing two tone that really contributes to my back yard's ambiance. I highly recommend this method of securing a durable, secure and attractive coop.  They are made by decent and honest people who you can trust.
Sarah B.
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Our family looks forward to going to the farm every week! The environment is so peaceful and we are healthier because of the delicious and nutrient dense food.
Amber A.
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I love that we have access to truly fresh and local produce among other things. And it's WAY more affordable than buying from a grocery store.
Ian G.
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I can't recommend Dare 2 Dreams Farms enough. The farm itself is so well organized, beautiful, efficient, and always improving. Megan and Jeremy are truly inspiring and such hard working people. Everything they do is with positive intent and care for the animals, food, environment, and community. They have passion for what they do and that doesn't waver when it comes to customer service - everyone they interact with is treated like family.
Matthew D.
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Very nice owners. Those who live in the surrounding areas in Lompoc should support local farmers like these guys who work day and night to produce great products straight to people like us- the consumer. Highly recommend you stop on by- by appointment- and take a look at the farm and realize where your food and ultimately strong vibrant health comes from. Locally grown food tastes the best and is superior in just about every way as far as health benefits! Check them out!
Donnie W.
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I am a first time chicken owner - I highly recommend this company. I ordered 12 coop ready 6-10 week old (6 new Hampshire and 6 Rhode Island) using their hand delivery service to Simi Valley. The company actually delivered them, not ups or fed ex. Order was ready for delivery the following day (fast). Very friendly/Easy ordering process. Pricing was reasonable. All chickens were fine with me handling them the moment they were delivered. Delivery was on time and they answered any questions I had about the new coop when they arrived. Also encouraged me to call with any questions that may come up in the future. If your considering ordering chickens, this company left me very pleased.

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