Our beautifully handcrafted coops offer you ease in caring for your chickens, provide the ultimate standard for protection and comfort for your flock, and add character to your backyard.

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1. How long does it take to get my coop?

Coops are built to order, lead time: 4-6 weeks.

2. Are your coops built with sustainability in mind?

All our lumber is sourced from Big Creek Lumber in Santa Cruz, California, a family-owned lumber company with sustainable forestry practices. Also, Dare 2 Dream Farms operates according to sustainable practices from farming to caring for animals to crafting coops.

3. Will your coops keep my chickens secure?

Yes! Our coops are well-built and designed with quality materials to maintain security against all kids of predators and ensure good ventilation. Plus, they’re easy to access for maintenance and cleaning.

4. Are there requirements to get my coop installed?

Yes, and this is to ensure the safety of your chickens and the stability of the coop after installation. The intended installation site must be flat and level prior to delivery, and the pathway to the installation site must be free of any obstructions and have a minimum of 36″ wide clearance at all times. If you’re unable to meet these requirements, please notify your customer service representative so the appropriate arrangements can be made.

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