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We Design Custom Garden Spaces

Tell us about the outdoor space of your dreams. Do you envision beautiful planter boxes or charming chicken coops? A gorgeous greenhouse or rustic garden shed? Whatever your dream garden space is, our team of local carpenters can make it a reality.

Customized and Handcrafted

Custom garden spaces should meet your unique vision of beauty and function. We leverage our expertise in construction and farming to provide you completely customized designs and handcrafted structures. We’ve worked with household names and renowned landscape designers in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Montecito, Silicon Valley, and more. 

Raised Beds

Create an accessible, comfortable, and stylish space to access your fresh vegetables and abundant flowers.


Perfect for spending a serene afternoon tending to plants, our greenhouses provide function and charm to your outdoor space.

Custom Chicken Coops

Design the perfect coop for your backyard flock! We can build your coop to suit your flock and your land.

Garden Sheds

Store your garden tools in a beautiful handcrafted shed that seamlessly integrates into the design of your garden space.

How it Works

When you step into your new garden space, we want you to feel like you’re stepping into a dream you once had. From the structures you see, to the feelings the space evokes, this garden should be your vision – realized. We take time to design and build your garden space to meet quality specifications. Here’s how it works.

Request a Quote

Contact us to talk about your vision, using the form below. We’ll go over your preferences and discuss how design, building, and installation works. Then, we’ll provide a customized quote.

Approve Project

When you’re ready, you can approve the estimate, including the project details and projected timeline. Then, we’ll send you an invoice to get the project started.

Deposit & Timeline

Once you give approval, we’ll send you an invoice. Your deposit or full payment will hold your place in our queue for construction. We will communicate our project timeframe.

Delivery & Installation

We’ll contact you to schedule a time for delivery and installation. Our team will handle all building, assembly, and installation in a timely, courteous, and clean manner.

Garden Spaces for a Greener Earth

More and more individuals and families are making changes to do their part to support sustainability and a greener Earth. At Dare 2 Dream Farms, we’re proud to be a part of that change. (We even wear t-shirts to celebrate it!) When you work with us to design your custom garden space, you’re not just making your garden space beautiful – you’re doing your part for a sustainable Earth.
Your garden space will help you:

Practice Sustainability

Homesteading is a growing movement, and we're proud to support you in your journey. Our chicken coops, raised beds, greenhouses and more will turn your garden space into a beautiful place to provide for your own needs.

Reduce Environmental Harm

Your garden space will be an eco-friendly dream! We source materials from sustainable businesses. Because we build structures with durability in mind, you'll limit waste. Plus, harvesting your own eggs and vegetables will limit excess trips to the store.

Support Natural Resources

Keeping your own chickens for eggs is one of the most traditional parts of sustainable living. You'll utilize natural resources in your own backyard, and you'll rest comfortably knowing that your chickens live happily and safely in their handcrafted coop.

Chicken Flock

Want to Discuss Things First?

If you envision would like to learn more about farming, homesteading, and developing a sustainable garden space on your property, we invite you to book a Farming/Homesteading Consultation with us. We can discuss your needs so that you feel confident in getting prepared for a unique, sustainable garden space.

Request a Custom Quote

If you’re ready to build your custom garden space, fill out the form below! Add as much detail as possible. We’ll contact you to discuss additional details, so that we can provide a customized quote.

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