Backyard Chickens

Why You'll Love Backyard Chickens

Backyard chickens enjoy human interaction and lay a beautiful egg about once per day. These eggs are like nothing you’ve ever seen – or tasted. Multiple breeds lay a rainbow of colors, and their eggs pack more nutrients and flavor than anything you’ll find in the grocery store! Best of all, with our Healthy Hen Guarantee, you’ll experience a worry-free process.

View Anticipated Chicks

Interested in raising a backyard chicken flock? Take a peek at our anticipated chicks, so you can plan ahead! Learn more about this calendar here.

Build Your Backyard Chicken Flock

You’ll find a variety of ages and breeds to build your flock! Select from days-old chicks, young coop-ready chickens, or pullets and adult chickens. Choose multiple breeds or just one or two! But, stick to one age group to maintain harmony within your flock. All chickens are sold as sexed females unless explicitly listed as roosters or unsexed chickens.
Before you select your chickens, make sure you understand their age-specific care requirements and that you have the right supplies!
Baby Chick

Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are up to 2 weeks old when sold. Keep these cute little friends in a brooder until they become coop-ready. 

Coop ready chick


Chicks become coop ready between 6-10 weeks old. They can go outside to a chicken coop with no supplemental heat. 


Started Pullets

Started pullets are 12-17 weeks old and almost ready to lay eggs. They should be able to integrate into an existing flock of chickens.

Adult Chicken

Adult Chickens

Chickens are fully grown at 18 weeks. Depending on the breed and time of year, they will lay within a few short months. 

How the process works

How the Process Works

Your chickens’ health and safety are our top priority. That’s why we maintain a strict bio-security protocol. Due to this protocol, customers cannot access the barn to view or pick out chickens. But, we strive to make the process of purchasing your backyard chickens exciting and easy. To start building your backyard flock, follow these steps:

Explore Inventory

Around here, it seems like our chickens fly off the shelves! Take a peek at our anticipated chicks and current inventory to learn more about breeds, ages, and availability.

Buy Online

When you're ready. Complete your purchase online. During checkout, you'll be prompted on your preferred fulfillment method, including delivery or customer pick-up.

Get Your Chickens

In-store pick up and local delivery options are available. In-Store Pick-Up times are by appointment only. Select the time during checkout. Local Delivery is available in select areas. Delivery charges and handling fees apply. A two-hour estimated time of delivery is provided the day before delivery.

Bring Necessary Supplies

For in-store pick-up and local delivery, please bring a pet carrier, poultry crate, or ventilated cardboard box with bedding or a liner to transport your chickens. Hand warmers can be used to keep baby chicks warm. Feed and water should be provided immediately upon arriving home.

Backyard baby chick

Our Guarantee

We want your experience with backyard chickens to be worry-free! That’s why we offer a “Healthy Hen Guarantee.” If you purchase a sexed female chicken and it happens to be a rooster by accident, we will replace him for you with a hen at no charge. We also guarantee the health of our chickens. They are sourced from the best nationwide hatcheries, vaccinated for Marek’s Disease, and raised in a low-stress and biosecure environment.

Chicken Coops

Did you know that we handcraft chicken coops, perfect for your backyard chickens? Our coops are made with quality materials, sourced from right here in California. Give your backyard chickens a home that will last a lifetime – and beyond!

Handcrafted chicken coop

Get More Support

Backyard chicken newbies and seasoned pros will enjoy our well stocked coop of additional support! Explore our blog, engage in an online class, or deepen your knowledge about breed-specific characteristics here. Whatever your interest is, we want to help you find your answers!

Explore the Blog

Read about a variety of topics in our blog, including best practices for raising backyard chickens, how to get started, and what recipes to try with your amazing eggs!

All About Breeds

Chickens come in a variety of breeds and personalities! Browse our breeds index for pictures and information about breeds, history, personality, egg color, and egg-laying ability. 

Take a Class

Sign up for a number backyard chickens classes with Megan Raff, Owner and "Chief Chick" of Dare 2 Dream Farms. Online and in-person classes are available!

We Love These Peeps!

It’s so exciting to read reviews like these! Check out what some of our customers say about buying their backyard chickens from Dare 2 Dream Farms!
Lindsey P.
Read More
Our six chicks were hand delivered to us a few days before Christmas. Service was quick and friendly, and most importantly, the chicks are healthy (and oh, so cute!)
Jenna S.
Read More
Absolutely loving our 7 chicks. They are healthy and full of entertaining antics. Thank you Dare2Dream Farms.
Gilbert Y.
Read More
Dare 2 Dream is the perfect company to buy chickens from. Their service was amazing. Ordering was easy, my baby chickens showed up at my door step on time and in good health. The delivery driver was very helpful and was happy to greet me with my newest additions to the flock. I'll definitely be a retuning customer. I recommend Dare 2 Dream to anyone looking for healthy & happy chickens.
Diana J.
Read More
My 3 baby chicks arrived in perfect health , grew quickly and are delightful teenagers now😆. Dare to dream is an amazing company from the customer support, delivery driver to their products - DON'T hesitate to trust them for any need. Very grateful.
Abbi M.
Read More
This was my first time purchasing chicks from Dare2Dream. I felt confident ordering from here after hearing so many great reviews. Service was excellent and all six chicks are doing great with the flock! (We had a broody hen to care for them in the coop, so the integration has been flawless)
Lori G.
Read More
D2D is my ultimate favorite place to order chicks from. My baby chicks are happy and hanging out in their own space with the adults now. They are healthy and wonderful! I ordered 2 dominiques a few years ago and they are my heartiest birds with amazing personality.
Read More
Received our coop-ready hens about a month ago and they are all very healthy and happy. I had to make some changes to my order and then had a few questions along the way. Each conversation was friendly, honest, and informative. The 3 breeds we got are all getting along nicely and they are all growing fast. Would highly recommend and will purchase any future chick from D2D.
Chicken Flock

Start Building Your Flock

Are you sufficiently excited? We hope so! And, we can’t wait to help you find the perfect little chickens to build your backyard chicken flock!
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