Handcrafted Planter Boxes

Handcrafted Planter Boxes

Stylish Planter Boxes

Nothing should keep you from growing wholesome vegetables or beautiful flowers in your own backyard! If rental agreements don’t allow digging or you simply don’t have the landscape for an in-ground garden, choose one of our beautiful handcrafted planter boxes! Each planter box is made with materials sourced in California, and we offer delivery and installation in select locations.

Rustic Metal Planter box

Built to Last

At Dare 2 Dream Farms, we believe that quality and sustainability are intimately connected. Because we value practices that protect the environment, we source materials from sustainable farms and build products that last – without creating unnecessary waste.

Sustainable Lumber

Quality lumber is used throughout the entire planter box to ensure durability. We source lumber from a sustainable redwood farm in Santa Cruz, California. Choose to have it stained or weatherproofed for added protection.

Durable Framing

Thick 2″-4″ framing ensure many years of use out of our handcrafted planter boxes! Unlike competitors, we never use cheap materials that will easily deteriorate and create harmful waste. These planter boxes stand the test of time!

Easily Transportable

Someday, you might have to move, or maybe you’ll simply decide to rearrange your garden space. Rest assured, your planter box can adapt. We specially craft our planter boxes for easy disassembly and relocation, without sacrificing quality.

What to Expect

Ready to get started? Here’s what to expect when you order your handcrafted planter box!

Lead Time

Our handcrafted planter boxes are built to order and have a lead time of 2-6 weeks, depending on the size, materials, location, and other determining factors.

Add Soil

We are able to deliver soil and compost for most custom planter box projects. Please notify our customer service team in advance that you would like to add soil to the delivery so we can get an estimate and send the proper team and tools.

Prepare Space

Prior to the delivery, please make sure you prepare your desired space to meet these installation requirements:

Delivery & Installation

You may choose installation or do it yourself. Installation is done by our team and takes approximately 1-4 hours. We will contact you to schedule your delivery time in advance.

Add Chickens & Supplies

We are able to deliver chickens and poultry supplies along with the coop. Please notify our customer service team that you would like to add your order of chickens to the delivery. Orders are subject to availability at the time of the coop installation, not at the time the coop is purchased.

Notify Us of Changes

If you’re unable to meet the installation requirements, please notify us before your scheduled delivery. The installation team is not responsible for site modification, removing old coops, or landscaping without advanced notice. If the site is not ready, the coop will not be installed. An additional installation fee will apply if a return visit is required to finish the installation of the coop.

Cancellation Policy

Orders for handcrafted planter boxes may be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours. After 48 hours, a variable fee for cancellation will be deducted from the amount of the refund based on the progress of coop construction. We do not accept cancellations for custom chicken coop orders. 

Thank You Very Mulch!

We love it when customers share how their planter boxes from Dare 2 Dream Farms add beauty and function to their outdoor space. See what they’re saying!
Mateo K.
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Fantastic. These boxes are built to last, strong and sturdy. And good looking too, pretty enough to be in my front yard. I'm imagining they are going to provide me with veggie growing places for many years. I'm glad they are made with ecologically harvested redwood too. thanks.
Elizabeth Q.
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Your two guys were outstanding! They were here on time, cheerful, got the work of putting together the raised bed in no time at all, and kindly answered my questions about Dare to Dream Farm! Those two are keepers! Thanks you.
Ray G..
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The new planter was delivered to my house, fully assembled and looking great. The quality exceeded my expectations. Its a rock solid planter.
Jeremy R.
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These planter boxes are solid! Heavy duty and beautiful as well. We are excited to get our Spring garden going. Thank you Dare 2 Dream Farms!
Ayers M.
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I am over the moon with my new chicken coop! The team at Dare 2 Dream Farms are amazing!! They gave me great advice and I was able to find the perfect coop for my back yard. They came and installed it very quickly! The best part is that if I move or decide I want my coop in another place I can dismantle it by panel and easily move it somewhere else! If only they gave lessons to my girls on how to use a coop... But they are slowly getting the idea! Thank you so much Dare 2 Dream Farms!!!
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