White Faced Black Spanish

Active, Flighty, Intelligent

Recognized Color Varieties

Single Variety

Breed Traits

Although it takes one or two molts for its distinguishing look to appear, a mature White Faced Black Spanish has a completely white face, and large white earlobes that hang very low. This “painted face” look earned them the nicknames “Clown Faced Chicken,” or “Clown Chicken” for short.

White Faced Black Spanish, or WFBS, have a bright red single comb, a black beak, pure white face, dark brown eyes, and dark legs with four toes. Their feathers are completely black throughout the body. Like most Mediterranean breeds, the WFBS is flighty and loud. They are very curious, active, and expressive. They show tons of personality, and often express it vocally. They also tend to develop bad habits of laying eggs in odd or hard to find places, frequenting areas you wish they wouldn’t, and getting into places you wish they couldn’t.

Breed History

The White Faced Black Spanish is thought to be the oldest Mediterranean breed. They were heralded for their extra large size and excellent production throughout Europe. From the time they were brought to America from Holland they gained acclaim. Their popularity spread widely from the Eastern seaboard to the midwest, and were used by many small egg producers. They were ultimately accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1874.

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production

Decent: Approx 180

Egg Size


Egg Color


Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




American Poultry Association


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