Easter Eggers

Active, Friendly, Curious

Recognized Color Varieties


Breed Traits

Because Easter Eggers are not a true breed it is difficult to classify their traits, personality, and egg laying ability. They almost always have slate colored legs, and the majority of them have ear muffling and a beard. Their feathering can vary greatly. Most commonly they are brown red or white, but can also be wheaten, blue wheaten, black, silver or buff.

Due to the greater representation of heavy breeds in their parentage, they often are more friendly and lay larger eggs than true bred Ameraucanas. They love to forage and roam, but also enjoy human interaction and do well in confinement.

Easter Eggers are good or excellent layers of beautiful blue, green, blue-green, or very rarely pink-tinged brown eggs.

Breed History

Easter Eggers are the offspring of Ameraucanas that do not breed true; and therefore Easter Eggers cannot be classified as Ameraucanas since they do not meet all the Standards of Perfection for the Ameraucana breed.

Quick Facts

Peak Egg Production


Egg Size

Medium to Large

Egg Color


Tolerant of Confinement


Cold Hardy


Heat Tolerant




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